Emmm I dont really know what to do here but here I go....

Hi, Im Ayumi, Im just a typical girl who is dedicated to all her fandoms :) I dont really fangirl though or boast about the things I know >.< anyways i love plushies (so much i cant get enough of them XD), anime, my pets and music.

Johnnys has become a huge part of my life since 2012. I absolutly love Arashi, Sexy zone and Hey Say Jump, you could also say im a fan of Kis my ft2 and NEWS.
My top 3 boys are Ninomiya Kazunari, Inoo Kei, and Kento Nakajima. But i love Nino so much that could just marry him!

Moving on from that....

I also love Hello! Project! I got in to it in 2010, Im completely in love with Morning Musume, C-ute and Juice=Juice, but i really like Smileage, Bouno and Berryz Kobo too. My top 5 girls are Kanon Suzuki, Akari Uemura, Chisato Okai, Masaki Sato and Akari Takeuchi.♥

I started liking AKB48 after i heard they're song Eien Pressure, I love it so much. Im still upset that i cant name ALL the girls in AKB48 but i guess I'll get there :) One of my favourite girls is Mariko Shinoda, i love her so much >o<

I starting to get in to AAA too XP I got really attracted to Misako Uno (shes so pretty) and Takahiro Nishijima. XD

Anyways if you share any common interests with me and want to talk, dont hesitate to send me a message :P
BYES (/>o<)/


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